I have a... fan...account?



I...wow... I know I have already said this in @Petrichor's topic but this just means so much to me.. Thank you to whoever made this account... if this was you, or if you know who did this, please tell me, I would like to thank them with something special.... So. Whoever did it is definitely on the forum, they confirmed it in a message to me. They said that they are glad I liked it, which I am. Tho I would REALLY like to know who it was. It's driving me NUTS


Wow! That's amazing! Congratulations to you!!


Yeah! Thank you! Do you know who it was? I was literally.. in shock.. I... still am!


Sadly no! It's cool to have a fan account


Yeah. They've liked all of my projects. Litterally. Down to my first one, titled 'The Crazy Monkeys'


I have no idea who made that. I have one too, but don't know who's made it. They must be huge fans of you! :+1:
@TheDrawer, we must convince FP hrr faked the pic with the details!
@TheDrawer, DO NOT change FP's draft!


Congratuflooferlations on getting a fan account! I was also very shocked when I got mine :0


I suspect it was @TheDrawer and @Petrichor. With help from @xxNeOnDraGoNxx and/or @HRR1213, and/or @Paige1212


No kidding.. are u sure you don't know?


Thank you! I'm still VERY shocked...I'm not even that great!


I am sure.

@thedrawer DENY IT!




That could be possible. I found out that the person who made my fan account was actually my best friend in hopscotch!


Yey you! You deserved it!



I have someone who made their name based off mine "-maddminion-" it's pretty cool!


Yeah. I'll Best on those 5. Or even possibly @KiraForPrez. If it wasn't someone that I know.. IMMA GO EVEN MORE CRAZY!!!


Thank you! Thank you too, @KiraForPrez! Did either of you do it?


No, it wasn't me though


Nice, @FearlessPhoenix! Congratulations!


You have a fan acc but no features? Or trendings?

Edit:This is not supposed to b mean, sorry