I have a disorder... 😁



Okay... here it goes... I want you guys to know this... but then again... I don't.. so I guess.. here it goes.. Please don't treat me different because of it.. I have a disorder.. you might not think its as serious as other disorders.. but here it goes... I have had depression disorder since i was 6. Most people say the have depression just because they're sad that day.. Depression Disorder is where you're stuck in depression and can't get out. I've never been able to get out. But having it myself has thought me how to support others better than great. My version of depression gets more serious everyday.. I've gotten to the point where.. I feel worthless everyday. I've even gotten to the point of where i felt the need to end it all. (Older people will know what that means) I'm tired of trying, i'm tired of faking, yeah i'm smiling but it's fake. I've gotten so used to saying I'm okay when i'm not. Yeah.. it hurts, but it's okay... i'm used to it. My depression is a feeling of drowning while everyone else is breathing fine above me. I die inside every time i breath... If you want.. you can ask me questions and i can try to answer them.. like what triggers depression and stuff like that Please know the only reason I am posting this is because.. well you guys are like my family, and a few people know and the thought i should share it so... here we go.. Yes i know its not hopscotch related but, maybe if i update hopscotch i might make a project on depression disorder.

So... yea.. I guess..


I get you girl.

I am trapped kind of.

With depression.

I mean I can live but I want life to end sometimes and be in a happier place.


@Huggingfluffybear Yea, 80% i see ending it all as the only decision..


I have tried that maybe 8 times this year and 20 times my whole life.. Though.. i think i might be done with my attempts


Oh my
Yes I have done attempts
With water
But then I realized how life is precious to me
So I stopped and I faced my problem not trying to run away from it


I'm glad you realized that @Sweetlina


Do you know what kind of depression? Bipolar? Ok that's all I really know. Anyways, I've felt a little depression before. But not to serious.


Wow, I'm really sorry. ;-;

I might have it too :grin:


Why you always lying!
No you don't!
You are so happy


I know :3

There are just a lot of things I feel aren't working out for me irl. ;-;

Enough about me lol


;-; I'm so sorry ;-;
I'm always here for you though C:

Maltese, I'm very sorry too ;-;
I hope your irl problems are worked out so you can feel happier again :)


Thanks, but there's just things in life that don't ever work out. ;-;


Well, when things are especially not working out, look at this,

I'm sorry ;-;
I wish I could do something better besides saying the things that everyone says an posting cute pics from Google ;-;


I'm so sorry about how you feel....... I feel so depressed sometimes...... Things just don't work out all the time


Thanks, @smishsmash. XD


Your welcome C:



I feel so sorry for you!!!
There's definitely a way to get out of that.
That's the meaning of life! To enjoy it. That's what I think anyway!
We're always here for you!


My doctor said that i have a mix of most depression types but it's mostly Major and Chronic


Thanks for the support and nice comments everyone


I'm sorry. :grimacing:

How'd you find out about this?