I have a cool (maybe) idea!



So...you know how some games have music? Maybe, you could have a mute button? Almost all games have a mute button! So why don't we code a mute button in games! If that's possible. It's a real simple idea, what do you think?


It could work. Over all a great idea. All you need to do is add another few texts of objects and a variable. Just some variables.

when game starts:
Set :iphone:Sound to 1

when unmute button is tapped:
Set :iphone:Sound to 1

when :iphone:Sound = 1:
Start sound, wait (insert wait milliseconds here)

when mute button is tapped:
Set :iphone:Sound to 0

when :iphone:Sound=0:
Repeat 0 times-
Start sound, wait 0

I am going to go make a sample project with this.


Wait...dang it...there is already a mute button....


But say if you were doing a song feature on your potato pod, you could use this as a pause/start button.


I've thought of this before.
It might work.


It would really be easier to mute the sound, and I have the old version of HS on one of my devices and it has a mute button. In fact, a project with sound is muted automatically when you load it. You have to turn on the sound. I donĀ“t know if it still works, but it have worked before.


Ummmm... Lots of us do that.


Sorry, didn't know...