I have a concussion 🤕


So I have a concussion
Basically on Saturday's, I got hit really hard in the head in soccer and hockey. I've had headaches, lost of vision and loss of memory. I went to the doctors today. I'm only allowed 30 mins or less of screen time so I won't be on here a lot. Even worse, I'm gonna miss my last two soccer games:(

I have a minor concussion. In Massachusetts, regardless of how bad it is, u are required to be out for two weeks and then u MAY be cleared (maybe not). This was because of a lawsuit

Luckily I'll have no homework or test for two weeks

Sadly I don't get to participate in gym


Aww thats a shame

Hope you get better soon




No problem! I play 'soccer' too, although we call it football here :joy:


Hope you feel better!


Hope you get better soon, a concussion sounds awful. Stay safe.


Thank u guys!


I'm mad cause we only have the games in a season so I'm missing 1/5 of the season


Oh no!

Our season starts Monday with a tournament yey




Lucky! I'm missing the last two games

And I'm missing hockey


I actually play hockey too

We had a friendly after school today

OMG this is such a coincidence lol


Ouch, I'm really sorry to hear. Hope you get better soon :)


Thank you so much



Wow. That law is pretty strict. Where I live, most kids with concussions come back the next day or the day after that.

I'm sorry. I hope you feel better. :)



I hope you feel better

One time I was playing volleyball for the school champ and the one girl hit the ball and the ball hit my nose
My nose will never be the same ever again!



I can go to school but no sports

And the rule was because of a lawsuit



Did ur nose hurt



It was crooked and bleeding a lot

It's still crooked


That sounds like a broken nose

Mom had