I have a club idea! Anyone interested?


Hi guys!
So, I have been looking at a lot of topics about clubs recently, and I actually came up with an idea that I was wondering if you were interested in!
I have seen SO MANY forumers post about needing hopscotch ideas. I have even posted a few on this topic. My club will be a group of well-rounded coders that can provide ideas and help to other coders. Yes, it will require a form to be filled out, and it will barely be mentioned on my Hospcotch account! Mostly this whole entire club will be interacted through the forum only! This is not a decided and official club yet, I would just like to know who is interested. I have a poll set up for you down below. There is no end date, however I will end it after making the choice! Please give any more suggestions for this club or future clubs in the comments! Thank you!

  • This club is awesome! DO IT!
  • This club is not the best idea. ANOTHER CLUB?!
  • This club needs to be more thought out. THINK ABOUT IT MORE!

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Also, I forgot to mention this in the post, but if anyone has any direction questions or need more of an explanation before actually answering the poll, let me know by replying to this!


Sounds awesome. Perhaps you could have four sections of ideas: quick projects, easy projects, intermediate projects, big projects. If world edit is still allowed (it was last I checked, but I’ve been gone for a long time), you might also want a regular to collaborate with you to make a post where people can add their own ideas too. Clubs are a little trick to keep together, but I hope it works out. Good luck!


Oh, cool! I once made a Scratch studio like this, I believe it was called “Help with Ideas” and people posted in there when they needed ideas, specifying what they kind of had in mind. :D


I would love to be part of something like this :grin:. Look at my hopscotch to see my experience: TrevCoding


It really sounds cool. Great idea! I am in a lot of clubs so I can’t really do it, but it’s a super good idea.


I would join. Maby do a thing wrre you post the project u made on the forum


Thank you to everyone for your input, feedback, and support! It really helped a lot!
More on this club is coming out soon! Thank you again!