I have a bad feeling about this



Ok so this is kinda a collaborative thingy so please DONT FLAG. I might cry if you do. Just kidding. Anyways…

So I am planning on making a choose your own adventure game (if I can) about my wonderful OC but I need some help to get the story down. So I’m doing a story (or story arc) about my Star Wars OC Shadow. If you hate Star Wars then please leave. So I will post chapters here with polls at the bottom on what should happen next. I know this is a lot of reading. Anyways I will also have special writers and some competitions in with the stories too! If say you wanted to be a special guest writer you will have to fill out the form below. Anyways I’m probably gonna start in the Original Trilogy! Cause it’s the best. (Opinion) So be prepared! Yeah I probably will never end up completing the coding for the game.

A special guest writer form

Your writer name (optional):
Have you written any stories:
Have you seen ALL the Star Wars movies:
How many times do you plan on additionally writing:
Will you not kill off Shadow:
What are 3 facts about Shadow:

Also if you plan on reading EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER please ask so I can tag you for them!

I can tell you are probably wondering “what in the galaxy does this have to do with Hopscotch?” Well I can answer that for you. I am getting ideas from people from people for the main arc idea in a choose your own adventure game (that might never be finished (#sad)) So there got enough Hopscotch now? Great! Now please read the chapters.



So we start out on… Tatooine.
Shadow is staring through her macrobinoculars into the vast desert. She notices a house. She was told not to go near her house but she really wants to. She was told to be patient. A few droids were recently sold to the owners of this house. Shadow then notices a droid moving away from the house. Coming towards her.
What should she do?

  • Stop the droid
  • Go to the house
  • Go back to her house
  • Stay there

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All these links and if i just didn’t post them I would be in the same spot of votes.

Thanks Dudey!


Have you written any stories: I write all the time
Have you seen ALL the Star Wars movies: yeppers
How many times do you plan on additionally writing: again. i write all the time.
Will you not kill off Shadow: I mean, unless you want me to, I can write very emotional death scenes
What are 3 facts about Shadow: she originally lives on tatooine when the story starts, her name starts with an S, and she is a girl (yeah I don’t know much, you’ll probably have to give me a crash course on her personality)


It ok! I don’t really expect many people to know a bunch about my OC.

But anyways,
You can be a guest writer YAY


Ah sweet!

Do you have a plan? I’m up for anything, really.


nope. just gonna wait till a few more people vote.
(when do u want to “guest write” like part of da story?)


Sure! Though, this is your story, so you’ll have to let me know what happens on the story based on the choices. Either that, or I can freehand it if you want.
Just tell me when, I can write fairly fast (unless, ya know, school)


Ok! (That’s usually what I would do. Give a person an overview of next chapter and have them write it) I’ll tag you when the time comes (school is not fun)


Alright, sounds good! I’m excited to work with you. :P


Excited to work with you back!


This is a rlly cool idea Kay!! It will be so much fun


Your writer name (optional): Don’t have one.

Have you written any stories: Yes, I have.

Have you seen ALL the Star Wars movies: YASS

How many times do you plan on additionally writing: I am not sure

Will you not kill off Shadow: I do not know

What are 3 facts about Shadow: I have no idea!


dang I would count that as like 12 facts!




It ok! Just please don’t kill off my character! (I had to put that in if Nindroid decided to join)

ur a writer now


Okay! Can you just tell me all about Shadow so I can “know” the character?


Stay there and spy on it.


And they’re “compound facts” ;D


Sure if you need more information ask Pink too. (It’s like she knows my character more than myself!)
Shadow is a female human. She is from the space around Fondor. (There’s more but I gotta go to the dentist)


Good luck at the dentist <3
Uh yeah I do know quite a bit abt Shadow so @yaygirls ask away