I Have a Annoying Glitch!



Ok, so when I make projects I work really hard on, it glitches. Like, the code all delete! I don't know what happened! One annoying thing is that they always happen to the projects I work hard on. Can someone help me?


I think @Anonymous made a topic! He may be able to explain, it doesn't happen to me, though!


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Oh no!

I have no idea how to fix this, but maybe you could publish your projects early, and then keep working on them? That way, if the code gets deleted, you could get most of it back.

You could also try restarting your iPad or closing and reopening Hopscotch.

Also, as @LazyLizard said, @Anonymous already made a topic on this:


Ok, thanks guys! Yes, I always upload my projects.


Log out of your account and back in. It gave me back my code when I lost it. :smile: