I have 2 dads :000 (story)



Plz don't flag, Liza said we can chat more off topic now :wink:

K so, today, my mom wanted to talk to me about somethin. She told me, that I used to have a dad, but passed away cuz he was sick. That's the reason I was blonde. I actually have a stepbrother, that's 10-15 years older then me. That's how come I have a different last name then my parents. My dad now love some me so much, even though he didn't get to see me born.

Now I feel sad. Ok bai


It's okay. You'll get over it. :slight_smile:

Maybe we could relate this to Hopscotch somehow? You could maybe make a project and post it here. Liza said not to get too off-topic. :)


Wat no.
Her mom probs is seeing someone else.


Dude read the topic :joy:


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I don't know what this is about honestly.



No there not xD !!!!


No, my REAL dad passed away, so my mom married someone new :3




Your dads are gay?
That's cool




I was going to post something, but I would probably get demoted to member because that will be my 5th flag. It was going to be LGBT.


So: You have a biological father who died. After your real father's death your mother got re-married to the "father" you have now. Is that correct?

It is OK @KawaiiRose! A man must be generous to love a child who is not his own and treat her like his actual daughter! You have a great family


I'm sorry if I'm making you sad but, do you have a mom to?


Read topic. XD


That's kinda cool and your stepdad seems great!

any way to make this related?


Ya! She's noice :DDDDD


Omg correct! Ur the only person that understands this COMLETLEY xD


Haha very funny I literally clicked on it expecting something to happen


That was not me the troll tho