I Have 2 Accounts!



It's true I do have another account on Hopscotch!

A Bit About It:
I made this account to make people happier. The account is based on a holiday.
If you want you can try to guess what it is...
• I only go on it one day of the year
• My profile picture is a watermelon
• t1 mentioned me in one of his projects

Lol it's pretty obvious now.




Yep surprising lol. I didn't want to tell anyone before, but now I'll tell.


@cherrycupcake who r you?


You have to guess!!!!!!!


Ummmm....I can't think?


Check @t1hopscotch 's account and look at his fourth or fifth most recent project




gamergirlofgamers :iphone: ?


It's a her, I believe


I can't find it!


Ah ha! You are Valentine's Day :heart: !!


Huggingfluffybear Xmas


Ah ha! valentimes day❣️


That's me! Ha I never used it though!


we were looking at your channel Huggingfluffybear when I saw the Xmas and watermelon as your profile picture we thought you where the account LOL


Thanks for looking at me! And yeah I don't know why I chose that that's summer goodnight!


Correct you guys got it!


Umm...what am I doing here?