I hate the forum



Not you too?!? Your amazing!


I will miss you so much
My 1 good reason for you to stay: your soooooo amazing your funny and nice and your a great friend!:grinning:


Good luck
It’s not easy leaving


Methinks i shall lurk


Why am not on there m8
Am I not your friend anymore


What my tag list? Idk if you were here when i made it


And I thought I can’t leave for a long time…


Aww no
PTF man
I’ll miss you :((


Pls tell me this is a joke :_(


I’m basically restraining myself to three posts a day, since I left Hopscotch. I’m going to quit the forum soon, too.


I has no self control so i give up on this atempt. All the things i said are still true


I’m still wondering why THT doesn’t see these kind of things!


Sorreh for tagging but this can’t go on!


If you leave then you’ll miss the growth in this community!

And sticking around during the rain will have had been for nothing


no don’t leave pls

you’re incredible like woaHh


yEs you’re staying?


Can I join your tag list?




There might be :0
And there is a little right now


Can I join the tag list?


tag list is obsolete because i have no reason to tag a group of people