I hate the forum



Yeh i’m leaving.

The comunaty is toxic

This is in no way influenced by anyone else leaving

Give me one good reason to stay and maby i will

If you still want to conversewith me me other social medias are in my profile case that cant be flaged

me teg list

If u wana join tag me and tell me


Oh no! Part Time! U leaving! Noooo.


maybe just take a break?

Or like not post but just check on it once in awhile?

There may be some people on here who plagerize projects (cough, cough b a e) but there are also some really good frens and youre one of them for me, so…


Stay for…me? ;0;



You are, in fact, part of the reason why i’m leaving


How about staying for me?


A slightly more compeling reason to stay but still no


It’s your choice. Do what you want. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now too. I may as well leave with you.


Oh I am so sorry. Maybe will be able to meet IRL someday


That would be kinda cool


Well have a good time irl
You’re a big part of the forum though


aw bye dude

your art was pretty great, I liked it a lot

have a great life


See yah…

That’s 6 now…


bye <3 i’m leaving too


It is your choice, but you are awesome and if there is something that you dislike right now, just wait if it is necessary. Or point out these problems to THT. If you desire to leave, I will really miss you.


And here’s another person. People leaving/left count: 7-8


Don’t leave! If you have to it’s been fun having you around, even though I wasn’t on here until early 2018


Your choice, but everyone would be so happy if you stayed!


Noooo PTF pleeeeeeeez don’t go! You are so appreciative of even new users! Please don’t go, people appreciate you! (Forget dem trolls huehuehue b a e huehuehue)


ooooh marr god this is sosad