I had my hangout with Thomas!



So I had my hangout with Thomas. I learned what coding language was used to code Hopscotch, how featured projects are chosen, and what is behind a loading screen! There was some static so I couldn't always hear what Thomas was saying. But it was a very cool experience for me. (: You can ask me questions about the hangout, if you want.


It was either Swift or Objective-C


Both! (:


How are Featured projects chosen?


I wanna know that too!


He said Liza picks most of them, and she uses lots of nominations for featured, and they are looking for good projects made on the iPhone, and the complexity of the code isn't the biggest thing.


Oh.... But I don't even have a phone yet.....


I'm interested in the loading screen bit!


Well, here's the answer. does it look like I'm about to tell you? Maybe another time. I know. I'm really evil. >:D


Ugh the gifS aren't working...



Hey, can you be serious?? XD (Oh yeah @KVJ I wrote another story about you and Maltese XD)


What I meant by that, was can you please explain the loading screen??


There's nothing behind a loading screen! >:D no really, there isn't. Explain more later.


Wait, you are writing a story about me?! :0 :D


Hmmm.... I guess I can do that!! Anyway, GBOT!! XD


What's behind the loading screen?!!


Blackness... lol :upside_down::upside_down:.


Tell me da secrets plez and quacks.


Nothing, I already told you!


I actually got to personally Feature projects during my time at Hopscotch HQ. The Hopscotch Team likes a few projects with their iPads and then they use a computer to put them on Featured. They use this same computer to restore deleted projects/drafts and view flagged projects.