I had a dream! (Hopscotch related)



So my dream reminded me of Hunger Games kind of, which I'm tottaly addicted to! And I was thinking that someone could kind of code a Hunger Games thing on Hopscotch. Then I decided, it would have to be big and complicated, and be a twist of hunger games. So I thought it should be a collab. I don't code anymore, so I would just be giving my team ideas.
What do you guys think?


Great idea! I haven't read or seen the hunger games, but good luck with the collab!


Not really because it's different. It wasn't a HS dream and this's about a collab :wink:


Please read the topic. This is a collab. Not every topic has to be merged. :wink:


What about this?

And the topic name...


No, I don't think so. That topic is about posting HS related dreams, this is an idea to a collab, which was inspired by a dream.


This is an idea for a collab. Read the whole topic before you say to merge, please. :wink:


Yes, but it is still completely allowed to have an own topic :slight_smile:
I suggest reading the whole topic to understand better what it is about.


I read it. I'll delete my merge request.


@EmmabugOnTheForum I love the Hunger Games! I might be able to help with the graphics! :D


Wonderful! Would 3D work? :slight_smile: