I guess I'm back


I don't really have a good explaintion for why I was terrible. I've been having a bad week. I was mean to my best friend because of a silly password. I don't know if we're still friends. I scratched my back at a waterpark and now there's some sort of purple bruise. I'm sorry @SimplySouthernGurl I shouldn't have accused you. @friendship2468 check ur notifications on you-know-what in a second. I was... Terrible. I don't know why. I would NEVER leave. Ever. @smishsmash thanks. I will try to word my sentences better so nobody's feelings are hurt. I owe everyone a big apology. I try to act like a leader, but I'm below-basic. I deserved to be suspended.


Your welcome!

I hope next week goes way better for you! It's very nice for you to apologize!
I'm so glad your not leaving :D

You weren't terrible but I knew this wasn't the same @GracefulIcing1 I knew :3
Your not below basic! You don't need a suspension! You could be an awesome leader!

Next time your having a bad week just try to control bad emotions :D don't take them out on other people, a pillow or something would be well tho!

gices good week


I'm sorry! :sob::sob:
I didn't know you'd be mad I was just trying to help so you wouldn't talk about the thing next time


You weren't terrible, don't say that.


You are not below basic. You can easily be a Leader!


@GracefulIcing1, please stop communicating with other outside of the forum.


I wasn't....


You asked friendship to check her notifications on "you know what". Did I misunderstand?


@Gilbert189 just check the hidden text, apparently this was on HS.


it's ok... I knew something was going on​:joy::wink:


Yeah... Thanks @CreativeCoder


Hey GFI! I totally get those days. Everything just suc.ks. I said the same thing :sweat_smile: I think the best thing to do on these days is just stay off the forum untill everything's cooled down.

I'm sorry you had such a bad week :cry: If she's really your friend, you guys will be fine soon!

I hope everything gets better!


You don't deserve to be suspended!

If you're going through tough stuff, it's okay, fren.

Welcome back.

You're always a fren here! :3


Welcome back, @GracefulIcing1! Actually, you don't DESERVE to be suspended!:wink:


BTW, I'm an 11-years-old girl too! I turned 11 this year in March.:grinning:


I'm gonna turn 11 in November! (Why is everyone here older than me? XD)


I'm da oldest girl in Y6. I know a girl who is 3 days younger than me!:wink:


The most immature person I know is older than me.

It's embarrassing.



I'm immature? I thought that I VERY mature…


Not you!

You're very mature! :00

I meant a kid in my class. X3