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Okay... Does anybody know what happened to the real featured page? When things got like, 5,000+ likes? And there were about 2 projects featured every week? Now, projects are featured every day. And I literally once saw a project on featured with 2 likes. 2. Also, they just put out 4 new features, half of which have less than 20 likes! No offense @PumpkinGirl and The Corgi King. I'm not trying to be rude, but, what happened?


Thru get likes whilst on featured. That's true because I used a fancy word.


Ummmm I didn't understand a word u just said lol

  1. Featured projects have lowered in quality, I agree with that. I did see someone on another topic like this say that featuring new hopscotchers encourages them, though.
  2. Featured projects still usually get 500+ likes. On the featured projects with very few likes, those were probably featured moments before you saw them there, giving almost no time to get likes.

Also, there have been topics like this before, so please search before you post :slight_smile:


Okay.... Sorry valgo....


I don't even know what that means.... I've barely been on the forum for a month. What does it mean to search before you post?

  1. It's okay :slight_smile:
  2. Searching before you post means that before you make a new topic, you search and make sure there isn't already a topic like it that you can post on. This helps keep the forum clean, and not clogged up.


I try to make projects that were feature worthy in 2015.


@KCChiefs12 I know my project may have little likes but I've spent quite a bit of time and effort on it, I published it only 2 hours ago and it's only been featured very recently so it will most likely increase in likes.
I'm trying not to take offence here, but so you even try the games on featured or do you just judge them based on their likes?? It matters about how good a game is, not how many likes they have.
In future please don't specifically point out certain games as it can be a bit upsetting to see something like this...


My previous comment on this topic:

Also you may have been on just as they were put up

Though I do agree the quality is less, I do like how more coders are inspired to continue coding​:slight_smile:


I said no offense.....


KFC biggest fan heheheheheheheehheehh


That was an interesting topic name...


1.THT just wants to feature projects so people can be inspired and code more
2.just because it only has 2 likes and on featured doesn't mean it's bad besides you probably came there when it was put on featured


I know you did but I really couldn't help since you had singled out two specific games...


I agree so much. I was a 2014 Hopscotcher (stopped doing it in shame..) and the features had a ton of likes. Now, a simple drawing can be featured.


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