I got two flags in an hour. Sorry



I got flags.
One of the drawing topic.
One on my homework topic.
Apparently people found me asking you for help was abusive?
Anyway sorry, if it was off topic.


U will be fine

I've gotten 35 flags in a hour


Does your last name start with a f


Why do you ask?


I'm asking @Ella_13






@Ella_13 just tell me where you are in the home room picture


What do you mean?


Ella goes to our school



That's kinda weird no offense


If you don't wanna say that's ok...


It's just kinda weird XD


K I understand
Sorry XD


It's alright.:slight_smile: Just try to avoid getting flags.:grinning:


I go to her school k


Yeah, and do you think that that is an excuse to ask for her last name? No.


Well they are in the same grade too lol


Online safety, @Cash does have a point. Besides, even if they are in the same school, what if some stranger sees it too? You can't stop others from seeing it on a public forum. Also, it's against the community guidelines to share your last name, it's considered personal info.


Oh wait
Dang it
I meant first letter
I'm just gonna delete that now