I got regular! (Yay!) And I have some questions


So it finally happened.

I went on the forum and there it was.

It's great.

And also kinda scary.

How should I make good use of this?


GOOD JOB! I don't know you but I'm sure you totally deserved it!


Thanks! This is a really big deal.


I know! Can't wait till I'm regular.




Uhhhhhh........ Idk.


Congratulations!!1!!1 :D


Congratulations :)


Congrats! I will join you in 2 days :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to Regularity!

Have fun but Use the Force (of Regularpower) for good


Congrats fren! Welcome to the lounge topic!



Welcome to the swag world of regular!

  • now you can change titles, tags, etc, But don't do it for fun, only in a inappropriate or rude title. Then move the topic to the lounge category.
  • You can be demoted back to member if you fall below the requirements (flags, activeness etc,)
  • The lounge is a private topic for trust level 3+ members, aka regular and above.

So ye have fun with regular!


Ahh I must wait 2 days more
I was tagged into 2 lounge topics
idk how it's spelled


Welcome to the wonderful world of regular!!!!!!! !