I GOT regular! Thank you!


Oh I remember.. the gears are turning now,


You just need to wait. At least, I think so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Another requirement is reading 500 topics; Maybe you need to read more topics.


Get less flags or read more topics.


check http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/how-to-view-your-flagged-posts/29602


Maybe you don't gave too many likes,or you had been flagged or you flagged someone.


Only 1, when do I get reg @Liza?


It come automatically, there's no way to know.


I emailed Liza, gonna be hyped when I get up in the morning to see if I got it.


I already said that




Do not worry, regular will get to you soon. (I hope)


Just wondering, why was this flagged? I don't quite understand.


Thanks! I am so hyped I am trying to stay up all night to see if I get a notiflication saying I'm regular!


Me neither. My pm from Liza said it was spam.


That is a lot of posts, 20 k? U sure


ikr, even though... well, actually, idek


I don't think THT appreciates being emailed about becoming regular... It's just a perk and not really necessary!


Yeah, it comes automatically. So I'm pretty sure they can't do anything about it.
Plus, the HSF is about coding not trust levels and badges.