I got regular, I think!



Hi guys! I've read 20k posts and I've been active for more than 50 days so my regular badge should arrive soon. I'm pretty sure it will arrive. I remember the last time I got a badge it took 30 mins or so to arrive. Do you guys think it will arrive?



I dunno it depends on how many flags how many posts posted and stiff


I don't have any flags, and I'm not sure how much you need to post


If you have read and liked enough, I think you´ll get it soon!


See you in the #lounge soon!


I will get the first welcome!

No I wont


Your not regular yet :frowning:
Your very close though!


What do I need to do to get it? Plz tell me


This website can help you,is from Discourse,the managers and creators of this forum:


Thanks. I read it, but I'm pretty sure I've done all those things. Why hasn't it worked?


It's means 50 days in the last 100 days.


It took 70 days fir me to get mai first Reg…


Ah well, I'll probably have to wait a while


It takes a while, and I think it's 25k posts but.. congrats!


Ive read 25K just there. It might arrive in a few mins


I just got "Gives Back" My first silver badge. Thanks for the support guys :smile:


@Liza could you please tell me how much do I need to do to get regular?