I got regular.. but it's not showing up


I got regular!! Yay!!! But I have two uestions to ask. It’s showing up in my badges, but not next to my name. Also, the badge mentioned what top there things I can do now. What does that mean? It talked about a private lounge area and being able to do more stuff with flags, so yeah. I know there are many topics on this, but none of them answered my questions. Please answer or put a link to a topic that will answer this stuff. Thanks!



You have to manually do that in preferences, it doesn’t happen automatically.


Thanks! Then what’s the lounge?


To have regular show up beside your name, go to preferences and change it…

the lounge is a category…exclusive to only regulars and above


Ok! What things are allowed to go in the lounge


Private topics you might only want a few people to see
If a topic has a flame war in it, someone can move it to the lounge and hopefully it dies down a bit (unless the people in the flame war are regulars)
And accidental topics, maybe, that can’t be recycled can go to the lounge

but I’m not really sure XD


Ok! Thanks gobli. I know your always the right person to talk to to answer questions


you’re welcome!

I don’t think so but thanks!


Flags don’t get improved on this forum.


I gtg. But, don’t I have to have been here for 100 Days to get regular?


You have to be at least fifty out of a hundred days to be regular, and be active enough within those hundred days

I think


Ok! Bye! Gtg. Thanks a lot! You always help


You’re welcome! Again XD



In 100 days…

  • visit at least 50 days
  • have no more than 5 flags
  • don’t be suspended
  • read at 20,000 posts (some people only have to read at least 10,000)
  • post at least once


ok then


I’ve only read about 13,000 posts!


I know I got reg at 14k posts :thinking:


Hmm… I have heard the of 10-20 thousand. I just know that I got regular after 20,000.


@DogWithAPen ahh im so happy for you!! (and slightly jealous XD)
oh well but thats awesome!



Gotta out of last 100.

SO fifty minimum days.