I got my username on a shirt



Ooohhhh what's this? A shirt!


Cool! Where did you get it??


Uhhh.... cool...... wha? :laughing:


A local place :3 who makes shirts for my parents store I got them to get one XD


oh that's so cool wow


EveRyone will know the name of BOMB SAUCE


That's a really cool shirt!:grinning: Do the people at the place where you got this from do designs like stipes or polka dots?


Thats really cool!
but is this HS related at all?


It my hopscotch name lol


Idk I trying to get a shirt of 10 dollars lol I broke


cool but the design could be revamped


ok just dont let a leader see this topic XD


It has other stuff on the front but it has a "bad" word on it so I couldn't post it


hey i don't see how this is hopscotch related tho​:grinning:


That's cool! But it's not HS related sorry D:

Maybe you could code the shirt? :D


Ok BUT I GOT MY HOPSCOTCH NAME ON A SHIRT is the important part


It's technically hopscotch related, because his
Hopscotch name is on a shirt.


True, but I thought that if the leaders came then this would just be better ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




Guys, this is related lol. He got his username on a shirt. Stop saying it's not... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: