I got my Regular Badge!



Soooo. I don't wanna seem like I'm bragging or anything, but I got my Regular Badge! And tips/helpful advice? Any new ablilities anyone would like to walk me though?

Fren Tag list!





You didn't really need to make a whole new topic on it, you know.

These are the things that can get you flagged; irrelevant.

I know you're looking for tips, but I would think that you would put this in the lounge, most non-regulars know nothing about Regular.

Also, you could have just put this in the lounge topic.

You know, some poeple don't really care that you are Regular, its just a title.


Yup! I'll do that!


That's awesome, congratulations!

The only thing I can say is to use your new abilities well, and don't abuse them.


I won't...and thanks! Anything specific about abilities? I know you can change titles, create new tags, and have more powerful flagging abilities. What else? Just curious..


You can turn on global edit for your own posts, so that anyone member and up can edit! :D


Cool! Is that what the little wrench symbol is for?

Edit, just answered my own question :D


Yayz congrats!!


Thank chu!


Np frenpaii!


Things I know Regulars can do-
Edit Topic Titles
Put things in lounge...
Uh.. idk


Congrats! You now have access to going into the lounge, renaming topics, making editable posts, plus 50 more likes per day! :D

I'm your friend, but would you please remove me from your tag list? I don't like being mass tagged. :)


Okey! I just put some friends there and others that I thought could help me for a specific reason, like regulars.


Ah, cool! Tell me if you need any other help, then. :D



Welcome to the Wonderful World of being a Regular!
Credit to @Rawrbear (I think)


Credit for what? :o


Wasn´t it you that said "Welcome to the wonderful world of being a regular" long time ago?


Congratulations! Here is a post that I made previously that might help you out.


I'm jealous. I have been a member for a year.