I got my name because



I was looking on hopscotch and wondered how did everybody's user name. Please tell us. I got my name from Per y Jackson by Rick Riordan and my fave. Number is 9, together it is PercyJackson9

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Great idea!

My first username was really long, something like AmazingEpicAwesomeUnicorn, but I forget it now.

About a week later, my cat died, so I wanted to change my name. I love a type of pop tart my mom rarely buys, so it's a treat!

I ended up with PopTart0219, for the amazing pop tarts, and the day my cat died :wink:


I got my name because I like the name Gilbert, and 189 was the first number I could think of. It's a very interesting story.:joy:


@PopTart0219 February 19?


I got my name AmazingAlphaAquaWolves because Wolves are amazing. I like the word Alpha XD. I have a secret oc that's an Aqua wolf, it kinda looks like my username pic but its not it.


I have my name because I like giraffes and Dolphins, and my birthday is on the 26th.
(There seriously needs to be a giraffe emoji why is there no giraffe emoji WHY)
And so
Giraffedolphin26 :dolphin: was born!


i live where is snows alot so theres the
im a girl so theres the girl
and studios has a nice ring to it
my list of old useres
SnowGirl Studios
WhiteFox Productions
SnowGirl Studios
(yes i am back to sgs now)
(emojis are not included)


I originally got DragonLover a long time ago, when I had an obsession with dragons. I don't remember what game I was trying to create an account for back then, but DragonLover123 and DragonLover987 were already taken, so I started at 9 and took every other. That's where DragonLover975 came from. :dragon::heart::nine::seven::five:

Interview Series?

I would tell you all of the exact details of how I got my name, but I don't even remember :sweat_smile:.
What I do remember is that my nickname that my friends call me was Kiwi. Then I think the "cute" part was because everyone called me adorable, and the 2016 came from a friend who had some social media/gaming account that ended with 2015.


I'm awesome I love wolves and my fav number is 18 but it together you make AwesomeWolf18
(Long story, short)


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I got my username cuz I like alliteration and people always call me creative. BOOM! XD


My name is Corvus because (my old name was Regulus because it was one word, the name of a star, it meant "little king" and a favorite character was named after it) I wanted to continue the star trend with one word and it means crow. I could've chosen a compass one, but Corvus won.


I had an orange next to me
I was obsessed with imagery related stuff
OrangePeel? Nah...
OrangeCitrus? Close...


Well I like lollipops and I guess I just thought of random verbs and Dancing Lollipop came to be.


(Insert 1D voice)


Not sure. I was signing up for another account somewhere else, trying to think of a name. Then


Lightningstorm was what I thought of. I instantlee:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Loved it. So I started thinking of usernames with 'Lightning' in them. so I ended up with Lightningstrike for Hopscotch
(I used to be NarrowSun)


I got my name when I first got into basketball (which was actually recently) and I am a total NERD. Boomsauce. BasketballNerd.


Just so you know I had 2 accounts in the past so yeah, but I'm gonna tell you the story of how I got this name.

It was a somehow warm night at like 9:34. I actually forgot my password for my first home account. So I was thinking of a name. I wanted something that would stand out (and food realated).
I swear I was straight up thinking for 10 minutes until I realize. Hey, I like Reese's Cups. Thus, iReesesCup was born.


I have another account detlefsener and I got that because I like the name detlefsen means oak tree and I want to be as strong as a oak and er is a cool combo:six_pointed_star:


Welp, when I signed up for Hopscotch, I pressed that FABULOUS lil' button that generated a random username. I pressed it about a million times and got "BrokenSpark". I loved it! It had a nice ring to it, I thought. Now, eventually, I would add little emojis to the end of it, when I thought, hmm... Name change! I thought for a few minutes. Few more minutes. And Sparkzy was born! A week later or so, I was like, hmm... Sparkczy sounds better and will confuse more people! Hahahahaha! And then, after my birthday, I was like... I LIKE TEA RIGHT. AND TEA IS GOOD. AND CHI RHYMES WITH TEA. Boom. ChiTea was born wipes tear there goes mah life story... Thank ya'll.