I got member! 🎉


Also, don't be flagged that much. The limit is 20, I believe.


Visit 50/100 days
Read 50 posts
View 500 topics

Kiwi gave me my stats for reg a couple days ago!


Only 50 days, not 50/100


I meant 50 days out of 100 so 50% of the days you've been there


You only have to be on for 50 days, not 100.


I meant 50 out of 100 not being on for 100 just never mind


In the last 100 days, you have to be on at least 50 days. That's what it means :)


No, it was changed to just 50 days in general.


Nope, it's 50/100. That never changed.


Wait what


Ok sure lemme check something


I said that because some people have been on for less than 100 days and are at Regular.


They don't need to be on for 100 days.
They need to be on at least 50 days out o the past 100


I got Member recently too!


That's possible. You have to be on for 50 out of the last 100 days to become a Regular.


Yay! Try getting Regular next!
Test out your new skills by editing this global wiki! :slight_smile:
Hi! I already added myself to the OMTL. -@ThePickle




Congratulations! Keep posting, liking, replying and reading and you might get regular one day :slight_smile:


I also have to read a lot.


Sorry, I forgot to add that :slight_smile: