I got hopscotch back!


Hey y’all I got hopscotch back so that’s nice

me teg list

If u wana join tag me and tell me


Kool beans! Congrats!


Wait is it back on the App Catolog


No I wiped my iPad to get it



…how did you do it though?..

edit: oh nvm


Can I be added btw yay I’m glad u back on hs!!!-!-!-!-


Cool! Welcome back to Hopscotch! I am sad that you had to erase your iPad (because that is what you did, right)?


Yeh I didn’t have anything important on it. It is a school ipad


Okay. You’re lucky then, welcome back!


Welcome back! Glad to see you got Hopscotch back


Yay! :smile:
Welcome Back!


Doesn’t that break some rules? I feel like you would get in trouble


1.Yay congrats
2.what do you mean when you say I wiped my iPad?


Haven’t gotten in trouble for the one and a hlagh years I’ve used that so idk. I don’t think they care that mutch


There’s a thing we’re you can wipe the school iPads to get the AppStore for like ten seconeds


Oh lol congrats!!!