I got flagged because of the Halloween party


I got flagged for the Halloween party. I'm sorry for starting it. I thought it was a good idea.

Sorry @Anonymous for not ending it sooner
Sorry @Liza for starting it

I may be off for some time.

Should I take a break from HF?

  • Duuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes
  • Ok
  • No
  • NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!


Votes are public.

Hope you guys will forgive me.


Hey, of course we forgive you! :D

No reason why you should take a break over getting flagged.


I forgive you!
It's ok, we all make mistakes! :D

A flag isn't a big deal a lot of people get flags. It's not a reason to take a break, but If you feel you need to then that's fine too!

I've gotten flags, 3 I think :D but if you just try to forget about it it will feel better trust me! Laugh at your flags and learn from your mistakes :D


No!Don't leave please!You are one of my friends here,in the forum!Just,learn about the error that you did,and continue,don't stop like Happy_Dolphin,that was sad because she made 2 accounts illegally,and she learned from her error and continues in the forum!Please,don't leave the forum!


We will forgive you,but don't leave!


I've gotten flagged, but I think it was it was a blank post with a secret message. But anyway, one flag is no big deal, and everyone makes mistakes. You don't need to take a break unless you think you really need one.


I've gotten flagged

More than 40 times actually and idc


Don't worry about the flag but if you make a party it has to be on the day of the event and you have to have permission also it has to be officiall


Flags are just friendly reminders that you did something wrong. All you need to do now is learn and not repeat.


I got unflagged :flushed::blush::slight_smile::smile:


wow Luna such grammars



DON’T EVEN… Well, you did; remember my super bad grammar. WHY???
Also, IDK why I didn’t place spaces after dots, commas, and all of that stuff.
me looking at nachos with unamused face