I got an idea for an update!



What if there was a button that would let you test your code, then highlight possible things that would slow down or glitch your code, and provide suggestions for how to shorten or fix it. You can also dismiss these.


I like this idea! It would be nice… kinda like a debugger?


Yes, exactly.


That’d be cool! But it may take out an opportunity to learn those yourself, and the app wouldn’t know what you planned to do.


I never said it could read your mind, after all, it is an ai


True lol.


Check this out! It seems like a good idea


This would also be good for people who do not have access to the forum.


This seems like an awesome idea, which would be effective to the community! Awesome!


Sadly, they removed that. Hopscotch used to have a show preview button for each rule

But great idea – I do hope for a return


I was just about to say that! I have an iPad with that Hopscotch version on, and I understand that the feature is really helpful for many people. I haven’t just used it that much though, but I could easily see myself using it!


I used it a couple times, but it is honestly much better to have that when working with music


I haven´t tried that actually, it sounds like a really good idea!