I got ahead of myself


in my incredibly ambitious future 240 color drawing pad, there is a major glitch, after switching colors (only top 2 work so far) it only draws when you tap, not press, when before (and this is how it should draw) it goes to last touch when tapped, and draws when pressed... what's wrong!?! here's the link


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this is "uploading", I have no idea what this is​:thinking:


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this is what tells the pen not to draw when the iPad is first tapped, but after that, it does draw, "was pressed" askers the question "was the IPad pressed 5 milliseconds ago?"


It's so when you click something, it doesn't draw, so you don't have to clear your palette at the end. :wink:


You only let the + draw when Menu equals 0, no check if else.

It would've worked if you discarded the menu check once if and left the rest if you didn't add a check if else and more coding.


the "was pressed" check if is necessary, but somehow after removing the menu check if, it worked... weird, but yeah!!!:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

hehe, I misread and thought that you meant delete all of the check once ifs


it has 30 colors as of day 1! I've only been at it for about 5 hours!!! 240 colors, this month!
(mwahahahaha no purple!)


Used when iPad was tapped set position last X and last y
When iPad is pressed leave a trail Color: value color Width: value size Inside: set position last X last Y


color is not a value, sadly


Then make it one (post)


If you put the color value in the size block first, then drag it over into the color block, like on the color, BOOM.


24 possibilities directly relating value to HSB, when I am aiming for 10x that number, and yes, you're not speaking of directly inserting the value, but all I did was delete the middle man, and it works faster, also I found a solution btw


Aahh okay (post invalid)