I got a subscription! :D!



So finally!! I got my subscription for images! $80 to you THT :D hoped that helps keeps Hopscotch running for a longggg time. Welp I'm gonna try to release a really early release of my Pokemon battle simulator. I might need help so feel free to ask. I'm also really rusty or not used to this new system so expect a long wait. Animators would really help :D


Congrats man!


Thanks! :D
I'm freaking out right now


You're freaking tou while I'm thinking
Go to sleep


THT: moneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey…:money_mouth:


I have ran out if likes so here is one :heart:


u left the fridges and freezers

those r ppl who dont have suscribtions ;n;


I'm ran out if leikes too!


I'm the fridge.


No I'm the fridge -_-

Congrats @Razor


Then I'm the refrigerator. Lol.


Congratulations! I hope you make great projects with it! :slight_smile:


Enjoy the subscription


I'm a freezer and I tag @KVJ


I was actually planning on making a pokemon game. I could help with the battle simulator. (I have the subscription, so I can use photos)


thanks freezer Freund. I'm a fridge


Fist bump


Freezer life


High five



Did that actually happen in real life!


No clue :stuck_out_tongue:

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