I got a stylus! Yay


I have gotten a stylus for Drawing! This is related because I am going to draw in HS! Yaaaaaay! I will also use it for coding! I will drag blocks with it too!
Here it is:


:weary::weary:What is the diffrence between a stylus and a pen


A stylus is like a pen for the iPad.


:D :D :D :D :D :D


A pen doesn't work on an iPad. iPad's have capacitive touch, so they measure conductivity. A stylus has rubber, that works on an iPad.


I am using this stylus:

I bought it for my brother because he likes drawing on ipad.

Accidentally I found on Offers there is a 60% coupon code. That saves a half money for me. So I hesitantly bought one for my brother.

It says that the bling pen has a practical functionality that both work on ipad as a stylus but on paper as a pen.

Hope that he will like it.

if it is good, I would recommend it to more people.