I got a raspberry pi for my birthday!


I got a raspberry pi for my birthday, and we set it up last night. It was really cool! It had a web browser and minecraft, and other stuff. I tried to do a programming thing on the website, but it didn't work. That's alright though, Because it was like a made up code to teach basic programming. If you don't know what a raspberry pi is, look it up, they are really cool!


Kewl! First reply!>:smiley:


How about kahn academy?


What do you mean? ..


Khan academy is another coding site


Yah I used it once. Mostly I use khan academy for math. Raspberry pi is like a computer thingy, look it up.


Oh I thought that u got accuall raspberry pie


XD everyone look! On my birthday I ate pie! It was so good!



I have one

I couldn't get a close up of the computer itself sadly


I don't have a monitor right now, so I'm using the tv. XP


Did you get it in a kit or what?


It was a kit. Came in a yellow box. Mine has a case.



Yeh I got a pic xD


Yah. I think so. Mine looks like that but the case is clear


I want one for christmas....


you should repurpose old tech like what im gonna do with it


Right now I am updating it do do do do do do do do do


Still waiting xD



come out the door and play!!!


My terminal just said over 9000


(@rawrbear you would like this lel)


Awesome! That is so cool!


I have one, they are so cool! I helped my dad build a complete arcade game from scratch using a Raspberry Pi and a lot of other things.

I use my Pi for coding experiments or other cool stuff.