I got a Hopscotch account!


I got a Hopscotch account! It is MiracleShoutouts!

@a10, do you want the password?
I will be giving weekly shoutouts on Hopscotch!


Cool! Isn't this account a bunch of people? Who started this account?


I (the boy) did!

do you want to join?


So the boy of @tankt2016 did? Cool! Sry, I don't want or join, only because I don't like logging in and out of my account to go into that one. Thx anyway! (I mean, I'm assuming I would have to log into that one, right?)


Yes you would.

Anyone else want to join this account?
I will ask you some random questions to see if you pass.


I will! Pass please?

You can tell me tonight.


Can I?

I make awesome Shoutouts.

Check my profile on Hopscotch to see some.

My profile is Kitkat​:joy::purple_heart:.


Okay, a few questions...

Will you look for un-famous people?

will the graphics for almost all shoutouts be different?

Can i have a link to one shoutout?


@Candycane, @KVJ, I see you are spam liking.



Totally not (!)


Totally not

emphasising the totally


I have like notifications. XD


As do I… from (both/all (three/four)) of you…


I think i am the only one on this account. :joy:

Would you like to join?


Maybe… I have wayy too many accounts to juggle around with, including certain collab accounts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am kinda busy at the moment :sweat_smile:
But I think it's a great idea!


I'm so sorry, but I just realized that I don't have time for this.



Tell me when you make up your mind. :slight_smile:


Oh I will. I just have lots to juggle :grimacing:

And I can't juggle :joy:


I can not either. XD
Well, I can use this as my own account. :D