I Got A Free Week of the New Hopscotch!


I received an email, saying I could try out the new hopscotch, if you've beta tested. I encourage you to try this week out, like a trial, to see if it's good for you to update or not.

Then, you just give them your username!


I did that too! :D


Me too! :smiley:

I'm so excited, but I haven't submitted yet though because I had some questions first. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Awesome! I bought a year subscription, and it's so cool!


I got it too! I'm gonna try a week and see how my popularity goes.


I asked my dad, and he said "Ok." :smile:


What do you mean, popularity goes?


Likes on projects with images


I think, its a greater chance you'll get featured if you use an image, so THT can promote their idea!


I got this email from them...?


Oh well, so much for Bounce. But hopefully they do put that on Featured once it's out!


Maybe the email got corrupted?


Whoa! Awesome!


What is that? Would you like the link I got?
I think your email glitched.
EDIT- Sorry, I can't. The link has my email in it. :grimacing:


I didn't get this. WHYYY


Did you beta test? I think you only got it if you've beta tested it before. :slight_smile:


I have beta tested for a long time.


Hmm. Try refreshing your email app. It might pop up then.
I can't give the link, because it has my email in it.


here is a pic:


I got in email like that too.
I think I got two.. I'm not sure.