I give criedit to all the people who help me!


I give a special thanks to all the people who help me. Example: @t1_hopscotch, @friendship2468, @AHappyCoder, @Kiwicute2015, and more! Thanks to everyone who helps me. If you help me I will post somthing about you! I post somthing each week about the people who help me! Help soon thx


@Rockstar4ever this is very nice, but for as long as you can, please put up the good thing about the people on one topic to keep it from clogging the forum.


Ok, oh and also @Hoppertoscotch to. They helped by telling me the things I needed to know


@Rockstar4ever this is something nice to do but make sure to keep it on the same page so the forum doesn't get clogged up :wink: Happy Hopscotchin'! Happy Forumin'!


@SnowGirl_Studios Copycat :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
JK, coincidence? Did you not look at my post?


@Rockstar4ever NEEDTOKNOWTIPTIME!!!!! My new event :wink:.
If you want to add something, for instance, my name, instead of replying saying "oh and @Hoppertoscotch, too" you can do this:


I have done that before @Hoppertoscotch, that is why I have a Editor badge


ehhehehheehe but I came up with happy forumin' lol ya it didn't show any post until I posted mine


Your post did not just make scence