I give credit to @t1_hopscotch


This is why I give credit to @t1_hopscotch, she answers all the questions that need to be awnsered, she is friendly and nice, and she is one of the ones that I would go to if I needed help on the fourm or on hopscotch. She is the one I see every day answering at least one question that someone has every day. All the old or new people on the fourm or hopscotch one of the hopscotchers I would suggest is @t1_hopscotch. She makes amazing projects on hopscotch. When I first saw one of her projects, I was blown off my feet! So, if you have any questions, go and ask @t1_hopscotch...

And other hopscotchers I would ask


Aww this is so nice @Rockstar4ever thank you for this :smile: I try to help people when I can :smiley:


Well I know you help everyone. So, I thought I would put it out there for you.