I get my school ipad tomorrow


i get my school ipad tomorrow which means i will be active on the forum and hopscotch again!!!!!!!

random gif xD


That's awesome!

I recon you delete that gif though it has a certain person in it..


awesome! :slight_smile:


how come?


It has someone who is not appropriate.

It's just yeah no.


I see.


im assuming a bunch of stuff has happened in the past couple of months so can anyone fill me in on the important things?


Yay! I'm super happy! I use a school iPad, too!

I got it and I am using it right now, but we don't have Hopscotch yet! The strange thing is that I am on more frequently during the school year somehow. :P


There is a new HS update where if you pay $8 monthly you can get some new features, such as using your own pictures in projects and setting a custom avatar.


New update, new mod's, new leaders, new HS staff.


Yay! That's a great thing. :smiley:


Yay!!!!!! :smiley: :tada:


Yay! :tada:

I wish my school gave out iPad -_-


Same ;-;


My school gave out iPads, and it came with hopscotch :D

But the bad news is they haven't updated it since late 2015 ;-;

Why school? Why?!


Update= new layout and subscription
Mod= @PopTart0219
Leaders= SmilingSnowflakes, Gilbert189, Mathgirl, and Intellection74
New HS staff (member)= @Montoya

And lots of new people and trends joined/came, including:
@Pink_Roses (@Maltese's sister )
General Topics
Game Shows
Dank meme
Gary (ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ)


How can a person be inappropriate?


XD why? r u thinking sick minded or is it just bad?


Well quote the post above.


ook i qouted it???? im confused