I get likes fast, why am I not on Trending?


Guys, whenever I publish a project, about a minute or a few seconds later, it gets about three or four likes. Then, in about five minutes after its published, it gets about five more likes and they always get quite a couple of views. I have these qualifications, so why have I never been on Trending?


they might be going to rising? its the same with my projects when i publish them
maybe they changed it?


No, my projects have never been on Rising, Featured or Trending or Game Changers.


well i think that everyone has been on trending at least once bu your projects proably got shoved to the bottom.. most of my trendings were like tht i only found out cuz ppl told me try scrolling down a little bit


Are you sure they have never been on trending?
Sometimes you have to look down really far..
But my point is that you shouldn't be worried about being popular or getting likes, you should just have fun coding/drawing on hopscotch!


I'm pretty sure I've never ever EVER been onTrending


As @Giraffedolphin26 said, if you look really down in trending, you might find yourself! :wink:


I did look down and I see projects from one day ago that took me ten minutes to find. :cry::cry:. Can't you guys just look? I need to go to ten dentist today but I'm too lazy to look right now.


Easy for all of you guys to say you guys have been in trending a lot of times!! :rage::rage:
When I look in trending I see a lot of drama from memorable chicken and star clan studios!


oh im sorry :frowning: and yeah Memorable chicken, star clan studios, and a few other people are starting to chat a lot and it is seriously clogging the help tab!!!


Trending is depending on who views it, how often its viewed, and remixes/likes.

Thats what Ive figured out over the year :wink:


Even though most of my projects have over 70 likes, very few go on to Trending. It's a very difficult algorithm which the Hopscotch Team uses to decide which projects go on to Trending. (It's done by computer.) It calculates the amount of plays, likes, and branches in a certain amount of time, and uses that to determine which projects go where in the Trending section.

For example, if a project got 100 likes, 300 plays, and 2 branches in 10 minutes, it has a very high chance at being in the top bunch of Trending, whereas if a project got 100 likes, 300 plays, and 2 branches in the course of a week, it has a very low chance of even getting on Trending!


My only thing that went to rising was the age generator


:joy::joy: Since LP used to have that profile pic I thought it was her and I was like "LP if I got a penny every time you get on trending I'd be rich!" But then I realized it was you :sweat_smile:
Sorry off tOpic


Well, I like her art! ROFL!!


Last year there was a guy named superpigster (now fuzzy hotdog) all he did was use another iPad to branch, which got him into the top of trending every time. It's really sad, because almost every project has 200 branches and only 100 likes

Why would people branch more than liking? Doesn't make sense to me


You're kinda right, I get kinda annoyed that all of my projects hit trending .-.
And YES! Omg, @friendship2468, I was looking through that lyrics thing and I saw all of your posts and I thought they were mine like...
I did not post that.




I've been coding for 5 months and I've made pretty massive games but none on trending or rising


I make cool projects but none on featured, trending or rising!:disappointed:


I checked your account out in December, how did you hide your test at the very bottom of the channel? Don't think I didn't notice >:D.