I found this by accident



I just recently found a way to tag people with different text in the tag, and if you double click (works different on different devices), it shows the profile.
This is an basically advanced version of <a class = mention>, that can be found upon looking through a user’s replies.
This is an example.
I have not yet found a way for a single click, and this does not individually tag, but i will comment once i have deeper understanding.
Sorry @tankt2016 if you were tagged.
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i just found out that the href attribute specifies the URL of the page the link goes to, so this is basically a fancy link.

Edit #2,
The reason that the <a> tag works, is that the a is trying to find a link, but when it does not find one, it thinks the text is a link, therefore highliting it, but not providing a website.
When you tag someone, it automatically does this, and the first click would show the user card, and once it does this, it provides website feedback for the second click.

Breaking it down,
This part of the tag is automatically added, and it starts the search for a link.

Class =
This part takes the search, and narrows it down.

This keeps narrowing the search, and makes the bubble.

H searches an html database with class and mention.

Finds all tags.

This part is the actual link.

I am very proud of this
@CodeHelp ig, this is html code
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do not use ()
do not put a @ with the person you want to have as the profile, the @ cancels out the syntax

Rodrik834’s 2nd GT (fresh memes) (Rodrik is cooler than ice ~ GCC)
Rodrik834’s 2nd GT (fresh memes) (Rodrik is cooler than ice ~ GCC)

First! Cool! So how does it exactly works?


Okay, so i’ll Break it down. The main script is <a class =“mention” href="/u/(person you want to tag)">


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Ok bye! It’s cool…


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@UnicornRainbow look at first post, then third
I see why you are confused


Can you talk me through it?

Okay, so the main script is <a class =“mention” href="/u/(person you want to tag)">

But… WHAT?


You then put whoever you want to tag after the > (it could be fake like the MemeLords tag)


@GameCodingCrazy123 you found it


<a class =“mention” href="/u/(@GweTV)"> @MemeLords


Space between the > and @


I don’t get it…


Like this





It’s not working. Show me the script in this



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