I found another bug



@Liza If you look at my Xylophone and play it you will see that you can't see the yellow key/note light up when you tap it and I've changed the color and it doesn't work. Late last night I the moved notes of the keys (so to speak) on the Xylophone and you can't see the "E" on the Xylophone but you can see it slightly when you tap on it and that version isn't published because it looks unfinished (I program). If you want me to publish it I will. Also you can delete the jmstyles account because I no longer use that account. I've looked over my code like programmers do constantly and it's on your end or within the App itself.

Also, there is a bug when you try to share to Instagram you actually have to record then share it. I have the Instagram app installed on my iPad and it pops up saying that I don't have Instagram installed. I have my email forwarded to another email because I'm not ready to use the domain just yet.





@Pokemon101 Xylophone


@t1_hopscotch? What Is This Bug And How Do You Fix It?


@Pokemon101 I believe Hopscotch has to fix the bug because it's within the App itself. I'll publish the updated version and you will see that the E is completely gone until you tap it. I'll come back and post the link.


Thanks! We'll look into these and let you know if we more questions.


I have tested the code to which you have linked and the yellow "E" bar was present. Is the problem with a vesion other than you have given in the link?