I found an Easter Egg....?


(In the editor) I noticed that when you press and hold down on one on the text, shapes, or characters it gives you a brief description on them…it’s not much, but it’s cute. does anyone else know about this?


Yeah that’s always been there
You can also do that to blocks


oh, I didn’t know if anyone else knew


Yeah I have known about this. It helps me sometimes


Yeah, that’s been around since update 2.0 of Hopscotch, it’s pretty sweet


no it used to be a seperate button

the press and holdy thing was in 3.0 i think with the new editor, remember?


Oh yeeeah! Something like that
Wow that was a while ago :joy:


It has been here for a while, I knew about it but I also forgot how to do it :smile: But this is a cool “hidden feature”!


I’ve only been around for a year, so -_-


Yeah, THT told me about that. It is kind of fun.


I love that Easter egg! Thanks for pointing it out!