I found a glitch


Well. I found a glitch! While I was making iPenguin's penguin anything model request a star randomly came at the WRONG SIZE!!! Like it's smaller than it should be! Take a look for yourself!

see the tiny star? Glitch alert!


This is a glitch caused by dragging two items out at once. THT is working on fixing it! :wink:


Does this appear only in this one project, or all of hopscotch?


Yep! I think THT is working in that one! :wink:


I found a similar glitch in my project as well, I would have a shape turn some degrees and when I pressed play it turned and shrinked, when I know I didn't give it a shrink command. It only happens when I want it to turn


You could always cover it up w/ another shape w/ the same color as the background. Well, I expect that you did that already! :wink:


Just double tap the home button and close Hopscotch! That should fix it! :wink:


Yeah um I tried dragging out two at the same time and well...

I fixed it though.