I forgot my password


Hello,I forgot my password in this hopscotch forum I want to go to a new thing to chaste here but I forgot my password,how can I do now,I will leave here or make a new account,but i really want to stay in this account!how can I do now...


Email THT at help@gethopscotch.com and ask them if you can change your password. Hopefully this helps!


Email the hopscotch team...Hopefully they will sort it out!


Log out and try and log in again. It'll say Forgot your password?. Click it and you can change your password then


I pressed it and I am waiting it


Don't press the one in the post. Log out and press Log in. It'll say it there


I don't know what you are saying


Log out of your account and press log in. It'll say forgot your password there. Press it. Then you can change your password


Log out of your forum account, and click Sign in! Then, there will be a button saying "Forgot your Password?" Then, click that!
If you're still having trouble then just tag me at @Snoopy and I'll pull up some images with directions for you! :D


Email tht help@gethopscotch.com with your username and they should get it back. :smiley:


I logged out of mai account and pressed I forgot my password.
I typed in my e-mail and there a thingy with the words:
"Hmm...we don't have an account with that email.Try again or email support @gethopscotch.com"
When o first log in to HS,I skip the mail part...so can I still make a new pass?


On Hopscotch, or on the Forum?




I'm pretty sure you can still make a new password, but you will have to say your username in the email! Good luck!


Thanks Snoopy!



If you forgot your password on the hopscotch forum, then why are you posting with your account?