I forgot my password!


On hopscotch I forgot my pass!!

I don't have a email I used temporary To make my account.

Should I make a new account?

Also I am out of replies.

@Bluedogmc I didn't write it down
@Catface4 but what could I call it?!

@Catface4 wouldn't t people think I was trying to copy it should I do (new)?

@snoopy, I logged out though!!:persevere:
I will make a new account.


Things you can do:

Ask a parent to email the hopscotch team about this problem

Look anywhere were you might have written it down!

That's all you really can do....


Hmm... Try your best to remember it. If you can't, I guess I would make a new account.



This time I would suggest writing it down and putting it in a safe place. C:


Okay, don't freak out. :slight_smile:
Here's some ways you (might) be able to get it back.

  1. Ask your parents to email THT. Make sure to include your username on hopscotch! You might need some sort of confirmation that your parents are emailing for you, because it's not emailed directly from your email on hopscotch.
  2. Try your best to remember. Was it random? Did it include a color? Numbers?

Right now, are you still on your account, or have you logged out?

If you're still on your account, here's method 3:

Post a project on your regular account, about you changing your account. Be sure to include your new username, so people can find you.

Make the account. This time, remember to write your password and email/username on a piece of paper, and store it in a safe place!

Announce on the new account that that's your new account.

Hope you get your account info back! :slight_smile:
If not, the third way should work just fine if you haven't logged out yet!


Sorta off topic... but it's about profile pic
Do you actualy have the game that the dragon is from or did you just look up melon on the internet and found that picture? Cause I love that game.


Email THT


I searched melon becuase I am a melon kind of guy! XD


I have a new account!