I forgot my own passsword


Hey guys vortex here so i kida forgot my accounts pass word and when i rember when i made my account i put in the rong email so i having the hopschoch team deal with it for now dont aspect me working on go or frost any time soon plus and close freind of mine has cancer so thats going hold me back even more sense he is done doing keymo theropy so i kinda know were that leads to just to kick start that give away (i guess)
If you dont rember the prizes and look at some of my postes and should find it



Wait why do you need the OMTL for this topic?


Dont know its just sense every one else has been doing it im doing it for no reson :stuck_out_tongue:


Also @GLaDOS_On_Da_Forum i love that name sense i love portal


Ok, then email THT and say the account was made in another email.


Email the HT at help@gethopscotch.com

Be sure to ask them and tell them your username!


That stinks!! Contact THT and they will hopefully recover it. We hope for the best!!


I dont know if you already did this....
but really email the hopscotch team


What is an OMTL? Just wondering,,,


A tag list to get attention! I dont know what it stands for .-.


It stands for official mass tag list


I have but have not gotten a response @MobCraft and @LazyLizard @Kitkat26


Wait a day


Got me there sense im trying to get some bages