I finally made a complex game!



Hello, all those great coders with loading screens, start buttons, drawings spaces covered and different answers! Welcome me to your CLUB! I finally made a complex game that would be something that @MagmaPOP might make. I just don't want you remixing it and taking it off as your own, guys. Only remix it when you've finished the game. I'd say it's rated for kids in grades 3 and up unless you know multiplication and addition it's parentheses. It's called Help the Nerd and the title says everything. The Nerd needs help with a "complex" math problem, and he's asking you for help! You can accept or not accept, but if you don't, then the games over! You can ask for scratch paper or not on the iPad game, or you can use your own scratch paper at home. You may find it fun, and I hope you like it because I spent about an hour or more on it and I had a lot of frustration. I know that the Hopscotch Team (@Liza, @Asha, @Ian, @alish) wil, be proud of me, and who knows, if I put my mind to it I could just be like @t1_hopscotch or @oio or @Ihasfluffycupcakes because they all made it to Featured, right? Anyways, I'm really proud of myself and if you guys put your mind to it with great ideas and if you're really patient with your games, you could be just like me or all of those famous hopscotchers! I encourage you to try your best and no matter how much frustration you take in, you'll always come out th a great game! Right, @MagmaPOP? Haven't you went through a lot of frustration making your awesome games, or were they a breeze? P.S. On hopscotch I also made an Hour of Code: Decorate the Tree and I made a spiral draw with no emojis, with the -. I hope you guys can check out my projects and can do awesome projects to get to Featured or Rising or Trending.
Help the Nerd game link to Hopscotch


Good for a start! So are we (the Hopscotchers) supposed to finish it?


You answer questions about math in there


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Ok! Can't like, so this is filler


That's FANTASTIC, @friendship2468. I saw it and i can tell you really planned it out and worked a lot on it. Then you shared it. I think that's the whole point of doing things in Hopscotch! For all of that, you have one gigalike from me!


And, more than that, the 🤓 Says "Thanks!" for the help.


That is really awesome! I think a lot of people will like it. A suggestion (if you feel like making a slightly harder version) is to add more answers to choose from, like maybe 3 or 4. I like your current game just the way it is, though.


Thanks and @oio that touched me a lot! I thought of it this morning and was like, "Hey, I should make a cool game. Something that people will like.... How about a math game? Yeah, help the geek? No, nerd! I need a loading screen, too! If I get enough likes, I'll make a part 2, or another complex game!"


I am happy to read your words. I think you are setting a good example. Your family are probably also happy and proud of you. It's nice when people support us, isn't it? Keep up the great work! I hope you go for more of those complex projects!