I finally got the forum!


Hi, @SoaringFeathers!
I'm not really helpful. -_-
But here are some tips (from @Zachyswag) that were given to me when I joined! They are helpful for figuring out a bit about Hopscotch.


Welcome to the forum! If you need any help just @ me like this:


Welcome to the forum! I hope you have a nice time here. Tag me if you want free donuts :doughnut:

Make sure you use the tips others have goven you!


Welcome to the forum! ((here are tips of the page format))
The icon at the top, with your pvp, clicking on it, you have 4 options
-clicking the person to take you to your profile
-The 'flag' or banner that has your saves
-the gear for settings
-notifications underneath

The hopscotch in big letters takes you to the home page, where you can view topics. There is a search, and more information in the 3 lines.

Hope this helps on getting places on the forum!
remember to stay on topic, don't be inappropriate, don't spam, and to try to be nice.
If you ever need help, you can @ me at @ColorlessCanvas


Hi! Welcome!


By asking for help... you have unleashed my long speech... I am sorry:

Hi, I'm @Jojo! Welcome to the Forum, here's a breakdown of the main stuff you want to know:

What is Hopscotch?

Hopscotch is a programming language developed by Hopscotch Technologies (THT), designed to allow beginner programmers to code simple projects like games and art! It's simple and allows its users to drag and drop blocks to create code that can be played when the "play" button is pressed. It is called Hopscotch, because like the street game, you have to make it before you can play it!

You can code games, art and share them with your friends, family and the WHOLE Hopscotch community! You can even play other people's projects to see what they made! It's a great way to start learning to code some pretty great things and I can't wait to see what you make!

Hopscotch Forum Language:

Bot: System
Chakin: Chicken
Gices: Give/Gives
Fren: Friend
Senpai: Someone you look up to, almost a master
Frenpai = senpai and fren combined
Smol: Small
HF=Hopscotch Forum
THT= The Hopscotch Team
Thicks: Thank you
Hopscotchify: To hopscotchify is to make something in Hopscotch. For example, a game or some pixel art
Nip: No problem
And we like to use xD a lot

Trust Levels on The Hopscotch Forum:

@trust_level_0: The rank that you start with
@trust_level_1: Basic, it takes less than a day to achieve and you've probably got it already!
@trust_level_2: Member! Be active for a few days-weeks and you should be able to achieve this rank. You get some more replies and some more likes because liking other people's posts is fun!
@trust_level_3: Regular! You need to be on for 50 days in less than 100 days, and read 20000 posts! Regular goes to good people who don't get into arguments so try not to get involved if someone else gets into one, you could get flagged or suspended which will lower your chances of getting regular.
@trust_level_4: Only the Hopscotch Team can get this! Something happened and cut a long story short, the old Leaders aren't leaders anymore and no one can get it.


There are a lot of places where you can get help from! Try checking out other new people's topics, there could be some helpful info on there! You can also try looking at topics teaching you new things, like my topic:

You can also tag a whole bunch of people by using the Official Mass Tag List... or the OMTL for short:

Add yourself to it if you like but don't abuse it or people will get really mad xD

Tag me if you ever need any help!

Just tag me by putting "@" before my name "Jojo" (like this: @Jojo) and I'll get a Notification saying that you need my help! I'll come over as soon as possible to help you!

Well, that's all! Thanks for reading everything! Good luck and I hope you have a great time on the Forum and using Hopscotch, bye bye!

(breathes heavily)

It is finished


Belated welcome! Tag me anytime!


Welcome to the forum! If you ever need help, tag me by putting an @ then my username, like this: @CandyflossClouds , and I will come and help you!


Welcome! Did anyone invite you?
I forgot, was it @shamrockcat?


I'm not that good at drawing but I have a great idea of a draiwng in mind that will suit your username? Can I draw it? (Just want premmision to use your name isea)


Cool! I actually follow you on HS! You're an amazing coder, I love your projects!


Sure, go ahead! Thanks for asking first! :slight_smile:


Well, my sister WNAN has been telling me to get the forum. So here I am.


Thanks so much, Jojo! This really helped! Also, thanks to everyone else who has been giving me tips about the forum!


Welcome to the forum SF! Now all of us are here! If you have any questions, just ask!


Hey friend! Welcome to the forum!


Hi, GZ! Thank you, I hope to use the forum often!


That's fine! I'm glad I was able to help!


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hey @SoaringFeathers!
Just tag me with the @ sign if you ever need help like this!
@Paige1212 then i will get a notification!
Have fun exploring the forum more!!
And remember if you are creating a topic remember it has to be hopscotch related!
And dont create to many non hopscotch related or the same topic another hopscotcher created because it might clog up the forum!
Here are some cool topics

Also if you have a post with less then 20 characters do this but with no spaces < random text inside >