I finally got my regular badge! 🐷🐷🐷🐷☘️☘️☘️☘️ I'm so happy!


I reached 20.k YAES!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for my regular badge!



@KVJ I DID it!!


Hmm, it doe st say you have it yet... :0

You may have to wait a while :3


But I did get it right? Or I will?


You probably will! :D

I'm not really the person to ask about that XD

I'm happy for you, tho! :DDDD


Thanks so much:))


YOure welcome! I remember when I got my badge...

".... what"


Literally what happened XD


LOL wow I wouldn't of crazy like that LOLL



I was waiting for AAAAGES and then it came KABOOOM and I was laik OMG


I gtg now fren BAI!!!!! :D


Well done! :thumbsup:


Cool! Go check out the lounge, if you haven't already. Congrats on regular!
Edit: When you get your badge, I think you'll get it within the next 24 hrs, if you met all requirements by now.


You should get it within the next few days. That's how it worked for me.


Good for you! I was happy when I finally read twenty thousand topics


Well done! :thumbsup:


@Liza @Meg it's been 24 hours my regular badge! I earned it!!


Congratulations! Here are requirements if you wanna double check.


@Liza @Liza I have met all the aquirments!


Give it a couple days or something

By tomorow morning you should have it


You are probably going to get your badge at midnight!!


Please use the updated one! I took myself off a while ago

Rainboom said what I was going to say so yeah XD