I finally finished my new game!



Hi! So I just finished my new game 'Worlds hardest game' weird name I know...
Anyway here are some pics!

So, yeah, it took me a long time to make, so go check it out!
Here's the link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xx3l42u7o!


I got no deaths on the last one...


It's really good!


Lol it is HARD


Thanks everyone, it took me a really long time to make,


It looks hard good job


I'll like it and follow u i hope ur project gets on trending or featured


Wow, thanks​:blush:!!!!!!!!!!


Y can't I see ur HS account it's called me and I tried to go on ur profile to follow u but it didn't work


Nvm it was a glitch but I liked it


Hmm? I don't know. Might be a glitch, my HS username is PurpleDevil​:smiling_imp:, just in case you were wondering :thinking:
(That was Bit late, :sweat_smile:)
P.S: good night everybody! Have to go to bed​:sob:, bye!)


I just played the game. It's super good! It should get featured!


That is really hard! It should get featured!