I figured this out, no reply plz


Hello! I have put my profile background in but it is not showing up! It's weird! It's notstopped loading, I know that, but it just keeps black!
I need @Liza to see this.

Post what you think.


Make sure you click the save changes button! :wink:


Hello, @EpicFace_Studios! Welcome to the forum! Whenever you first change your profile pic, it'll look black but only for you. It takes a while for everything to load...


If you restart your web browser then it will immediately show up


Ah! The server was down which is why this wasn't working :-\

This was a double whammy of bad luck cause the server went down on an American holiday when Team Hopscotch wasn't in the office! Womp womp.

We got the servers back up and running and are soooo sorry for the hassle. I know it's a huge bummer when something doesn't work like it should frowning

Thanks for being patient and for letting us know about the problems. You guys are the bomb.com.