I felt my project was ignored for HHC2016 ;-;


Not by you guys. But the THT. I felt that they didn't even try to look at it, knowing it's not completely "Halloween" themed, which is fine. But I felt I was really ignored throughout the finales. I'm not going to say I should be on their, and some should be taken off, but most of them were just small mini games, which is fine but i spent over 6+ hours on my submission and it looks like the THT completely ignored it


Do you know that they ignored it?


They had to go through a lot of projects, so there isn't any way to know they ignored yours. They light hot have liked it or anything, but they probably still saw it.

Also, mine was just a small mini game, but I spent just has much time on mine has you did.


They looked at it. Why do you think they didn't look at it?


Ikr... I felt like they just looked at games and not trail art....

But meh. Fine with me! :DD


I get that kind of feeling. I spent days on my two projects. But I'm sure they looked at as many as they could, and probably most.

Maybe if they didn't look st some, it was because of thumbnails? ¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯


I guess that could be why. But yeah, what makes you think it was ignored?


I almost can't decide if there should've been a different winner- but I think they want to include 'less famous' people so to say for the reason that other people need a turn to 'take the spotlight for a bit'. @Razor I bet for sure ur HHC2016 was amazing like your other projects. Don't doubt yourself.


Same except mine was Halloween themed. http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/im-disappointed/26484/12


Sorry you feel this way! THT had to choose 3 out of a bajillion projects, so that was probably a hard decision!


I feel u bro. Lol
I felt they ignored all trail art, and only put 1 trail art project on featured.
I do know that games are more harder to make and require less procrastination and more effort to get it done by the deadline but maybe add more trail art project. But trail art and pixel art are just as hard. Trail art requires the knowledge or experience of turns, angles, and HSB. Pixie, art requires experience of position, HSBs, and the different types of pixels to use.
I wouldn't use the term, "unfair," but I would call it a "lack of varieties."



Me understand


Wat mine didn't even show up see? There is no Periwinkle :dolphin: Dolphin look! (I put it at da next out of view)



Me too. I know, it's just a halloween edition of Smiley Bounce, but I worked soooo hard on this. Maybe, this isn't feature-worthy...
I feel sooooo sad for you, @KVJ, @Mathgirl and @IShallNotBeNamed. Your projects are amazing! You deserve featured more than "someone". I disagree.
Congrats to finalists! (@Madi_Hopscotch_, @bluedogmc-official, others XD)


Hmm that's really weird...


I didn't even do one lol


Maybe he didn't TITLE it correctly


Aw thank you! :blush:


That's sweet, but I honestly have no problem with admitting defeat. :) Congrats to the winners! I promise I'll do better next year and if there's a holiday contest this year!


Agreed. Mine could count as a mini game too. Also, there is no way of knowing wheather or not it was ignored.